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Elgeyo Marakwet Organic Farm which spans 115 acres on the Rift Valley escarpment, offering scenic views of Rwenzori Mountain in Uganda has  a remarkable land of sowing the seeds of change in the most innovative way. Led by the visionary CEO Mrs Joan Kantu Kamya Else, this farm is a dynamic force for environmental conservation, youth empowerment, and education.

Elgeyo Organic Farm envisions establishing a nursery bed for approximately 500,000 ficus natalensis or the natal fig seedling tree species combined with Cocoa to be planted.These trees are known as the source of bark cloth and are widely grown in central Uganda where large plantations have been cultivated for over 300 years and still thrive, fostering sustainable agroforestry.

This initiative not only contributes to biodiversity but also supports local farmers by chocolate production from Cocoa which are grown together with these trees by unlocking diverse investment opportunities. The integration of cocoa cultivation aligns with the farm’s commitment to promoting agro-based industries within the community.

Choosing to partner with SmartGreenInvest, reflects Elgeyo Marakwet Organic Farm’s strategic move towards global recognition and financial growth. SmartGreenInvest’s expertise offers access to the International Capital Market, enabling the farm to secure funding for expansion. The partnership also leverages SmartGreen Invest’s robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, financial inclusion, providing Elgeyo Organic Farm with a prestigious seal of excellence. This stamp assures stakeholders, investors, and the international community of the farm’s commitment to sustainable practices, building trust and credibility in the global marketplace.

Their efforts have enabled them to the spotlight of their innovative approach to cocoa of transforming its harvest to producing Cocoa Chocolate. These eco-friendly products are proudly made in the Tooro Kingdom and exported to Serbia and local markets.

To further demonstrate their commitment to the environment, SmartGreenInvestis therefore planning to partner with this farm to have the local farmers do tree-planting and establishment of nursery bed of about 500,000 trees.

By subscribing to our services, you gain access to ESG indicators and investment opportunities. This cutting-edge approach ensures that your business is assessed accurately, helping you secure the funding you need based on the Credit score. Explore the offerings at www.smartgreeninvest.storeand embark on a journey of financial empowerment and sustainable growth.

By spotting and supporting innovative startups like Mrs.Joan Kantu Kamya Else’s, their contribution to a greener, more sustainable future  proves the potential of creative ideas, dedication, and collaboration in making our world a better place.

Despite its early stage, the farm aspires to become a significant local employer of women, youth and men in Tooro by fostering stable employment and income for the community since they do export there Products to Serbia

The vision extends beyond taste and they aim to employ Women, youth and women across all the value chain involved, ensuring top-quality chocolate is recognized nationwide.

With only 20 acres utilized, the commitment lies in planting more trees and  amplifying Ugandan cocoa’s rich flavor, empowering communities, and expanding the footprint by making sure every bite resonates with excellence and economic growth.

The  initiative at the moment has over 5000 eco-friendly bark cloth trees, promoting their use in fashion and design. Beyond commerce, they focus on preserving Tooro’s cultural heritage by engaging school going children into clubs, community groups, instilling pride and awareness.

This work empowers rural communities through skill development and stable livelihoods. By supporting them, means investing in a sustainable future, where tradition thrives alongside progress, enriching lives and preserving the Kingdom for generations. We Join them in this journey of cultural preservation and community empowerment through tree Planting.

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