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In the world of startups and innovation, there’s a unforgotten story that deserves the spotlight. Asili Kwanza Uganda, under the dedicated leadership of Isaac Ndyamuhaki and their visionary team, has embarked on a journey that’s not just impressive but profoundly impactful to the society.

This team’s unwavering commitment to environmental conservation through sustainable energy practices has drawn accolades from an unexpected source. Its from this background that SmartGreenInvest has recognised and applauded the efforts of Asili Kwanza Uganda as no small feat, considering SmartGreen Invest’s mission to evaluate and promote eco-friendly startups with credit scoring process ,utilizes AI models to assess a startup’s readiness for investors and access to investment funding.

This recognition is a testament to startup’s incredible work in the sphere of environmental sustainability with a main purpose to get global coverage on financial inclusion with Asili Kwanza Uganda. This has created a significant change on consistency towards environmental conservation in sustainable energy sector by introducing briquette production, solar dryer and improved charcoal stove production in the area. The commitment to conserve the environment has brought them to the forefront of the startup scene on Environmental Sustainability.

The alternative source of energy for example briquettes instead of using the traditional fuels like firewood and charcoal have gained significant attention due to environmental benefits in the area which is cost effective as you can be able to save up 60% of the cooking costs.They are smoke free, last longer and reduces rate of deforestation as many people are now adopting their usage.

Advanced technology used in production for example the extruder machine used, enables the produce high quality briquettes, and production on large scale. With all this effort and commitment, is the reason why SmartGreenInvest comes in to get the credit score by evaluating the performance of your startup to be investor ready, and be able to to access investment fundings for your business, and possible impactful projects to to be implemented on communities.

Congratulations to CEO of SmartGreen Invest Evangelos PAPADOPOULOS for this effort on ensuring this startups get their best on their performance through creating awareness on ESG practices and ESG Credit Scoring Reports using Al Model.

The fundamental goal of this Article is to help SMEs, startups, Entrepreneurs who are Eco friendly connect with the potential investors and partners who believe in Green Mision, learn from experts and learn more insights to fuel your sustainable startup journey using Al credit Scoring Model. This achievements shows the power of innovation, creativity and environmental responsibility that serves as an inspiration for other startups looking forward to creating a positive impact on both environment and community.

Our journey as SmartGreen Invest into into this emerging market has been nothing short of transformative as we immersed ourselves in this dynamic landscape, our perspective on financial inclusion has gone into a profound evolution of fostering ESG Practices.

Let’s remember, it’s not just about knowing where to invest, but also about understanding the individual, their goals, and their unique circumstances and the challenges they face with immediate intervention to mitigate Climate Change through lifting the efforts of these start ups. Join us to help startups, SMEs realise their values of Eco-system , as the list is endless.

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