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We are pleased to introduce Richard Tugume Tulyahikayo as our newest partner in Uganda, serving as the CEO of Practitioners of Contemporary Philosophy Ltd and Regional Director of Global Social Impact Investments, based in Spain.  He previously worked as an external auditor with PwC, an accountant with TechnoServe Uganda, a Senior Financial Controller with Kilicafe, a coffee growing and exporting Co-op in Tanzania, a Regional Portfolio Manager with Root Capital, a US-based Social Investment Fund, and as the Country Director for Yunus Social Business Foundation Uganda. 

He holds a (Acc) degree from Makerere University in Uganda, and an MBA from the University of Nairobi in Kenya.  

His leadership extends to sustainable businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa, operating in five countries, including Uganda, Kenya Tanzania, DRC and Rwanda. With his commitment to financial management excellence, and financial control, Richard offers fund management and technical assistance services to impact investment funds throughout the region. His expertise spans 25 years in financial auditing, financial and ESG due diligence, financial literacy, and management training, alongside a notable focus on loan and grant performance monitoring.  

Beyond his financial experience, he is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability. He leads farming activities in Uganda, focusing on livestock, crop growing, and agroforestry (particularly the candlenut tree) for bio-diesel production and overall reduction of the carbon footprint. This commitment aligns with smartGreenInvest Ltd vision of expanding ESG investments and promoting financial inclusion.  

Richard’s decision to join SmartGreenInvest Ltd was driven by the promising potential of our AI model in financial, environmental, and social dimensions. He recognized the significance of our financial inclusion and the impact of our data-driven analysis in empowering African entrepreneurs and entities to access accurate financial information. By utilizing our platform, both small and corporate businesses can benefit from affordable subscription models, democratizing access to essential financial tools. 


Moreover, Richard saw the practical application of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards in promoting sustainable practices. He aims to leverage AI technology to facilitate financial inclusion for businesses of all sizes, from small to corporations. Through our ecosystem, we envision empowering companies with the tools and knowledge needed to enhance their investment readiness and contribute to sustainable development. 

By joining SmartGreenInvest Ltd, we believe that our platform offers a comprehensive solution that aligns with Richard’s vision of promoting AI-driven sustainability with our subscription model, which is affordable, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes, and facilitating funding businesses to become greener as their step to a climate action indicator 

 SmartGreenInvest Ltd proudly welcomes Richard Tugume Tulyahikayo as a partner, embracing his commitment to combining financial information and actionable indicators. Together, we are THIRSTY to drive financial inclusion and sustainability and setting a new standard for doing business of all sizes across the globe.

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