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Our Story

Kaleido was founded by early pioneers in the blockchain space. Existing computing platforms were not built for the unique needs of multi-party collaboration. The founders understood that the promise of blockchain would not be fulfilled until an ambitious new computing platform was built: a multi-party system.
Kaleido is dedicated to the mission of helping enterprises to reinvent how their ecosystems transact, share data, and collaborate.
We’ve been driving enterprise blockchain since its very inception.

The Digital Transformation Platform

Blockchain Technology

As distributed technologies rapidly evolve, Kaleido is the first full-stack platform that brings them together to power digital transformation.

Made Radically Simple

Blockchain is hard, but it doesn’t need to be. Kaleido harnesses a full range of blockchain technologies with “checkbox simplicity.”

For The Enterprise

With enterprise in its DNA, Kaleido offers a proven, globally available cloud infrastructure to meet the most rigorous requirements.

Meet the Founders

Kaleido was founded by established technology leaders with a passion for delivering enterprise solutions that have the potential to transform business, industries, and our society as a whole.

Steve Cerveny

Founder & CEO
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Sophia Lopez

Founder & COO
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Peter Broadhurst

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering
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Jim Zhang

Co-Founder & Head of Protocol
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