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Fighting Social Inequality

Addressing social inequality is crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 10 (Reduced Inequalities). It underscores the importance of tackling inequality within and among countries to ensure no one is left behind.
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Sustainable Development and Social Inequality

Wealth Disparities: The World Inequality Report 2022 revealed that the poorest half of the global population owns just €2,900 per adult in purchasing power parity, while the top 10 percent owns roughly 190 times as much​​.

Income Inequalities: The richest 10 percent of the global population captures 52 percent of all income, whereas the poorest half receives just 8.5 percent​​.

Gender Inequality: Over the past 30 years, women’s share of income has only slightly improved, indicating persistent gender inequality in labor incomes​​.

Facts and Figures


population holds 43% of global wealth


gender pay gap observed on average


world's population living in extreme poverty

Inequality Characteristics

01. Wealth Disparities

Unequal distribution of wealth is a prominent characteristic of social inequality. It often results in a small percentage of the population holding a significant share of financial resources.

02. Income Disparities:

Income inequality refers to differences in earnings among individuals or groups. It can be observed in wages, salaries, and other forms of compensation.

03. Health Disparities

Inequality in access to healthcare services and health outcomes is a significant characteristic. Socioeconomic factors often play a role in determining health disparities.

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