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We Assist SMEs Reaching their full Potential

Data is constantly changing, and so is evolving. We are enthusiastic about data analysis since it helps us give our customers the whole picture. 
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We envision a feasible future in which companies can make a difference in sustainable finance

Our mission is to blaze the trail in the credit scoring industry by seamlessly integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. We are determined to drive the change towards a sustainable future, and our AI-powered ESG solution provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for businesses to showcase their commitment to this cause.

We are dedicated to empowering businesses to assess their creditworthiness, while also measuring and reducing their carbon footprint. Our solution enables companies to make a positive impact on both the environment and society, while ensuring financial stability and growth.

At the heart of our company are three core values – Sustainability, Innovation, and Partnership. We lead the charge in the green economy, always pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients. We believe in working hand-in-hand with our clients to drive impactful change and build a better future for all. Join us on this exciting journey towards a greener tomorrow!

No Matter What 

All we do is accomplish

Many customers today anticipate both privacy and opportunity as a result of years of compromise; they seek out quicker, safer, and more customised transactions while being more protective of their data and dubious of those who would use it.

Organizations are now putting more emphasis on developing trust rather than just avoiding risk as a result of rising consumer expectations and declining customer loyalty. For everyone concerned, the need for trust has never been higher yet it has never been so scarce.

Seriously, we do
Proactive Employees
Our staff members are proactive in seeing areas for development and client insight.
A high degree of personal accountability is expected of our workers. We are confident in our ability to depend on one another to perform duties properly, pro-actively, and on schedule.
Customer Oriented
Our staff members work backward from the client’s preliminary step. They put up a lot of effort to keep clients’ trust.
Curiously Intelligent
Understanding our customers’ problems and creating practical business solutions are made possible by our enthusiasm. Our staff members are subject matter specialists who seek solutions to more fundamental ideas or uses.

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We provide all-in-one solutions to our clients

We have all the tools necessary to address your company’s challenges while also making it environmentally sustainable via the use of our industry-leading business growth tactics.

Future challenges present a wide range of investment opportunities in ESG. This is where we help come in for prospective investments.


Our Story

Early leaders in the blockchain industry formed Smart Green Invest. The particular requirements of multi-party cooperation were not designed into the existing computer platforms. The creators recognized that a multi-party system, an ambitious new computer platform, was required in order for the blockchain’s promise to be realized.

The goal of Smart Green Invest is to support businesses as they reimagine how their ecosystems interact, exchange information, and cooperate. Since enterprise blockchain’s beginnings, we have been its driving force.

Meet the Team

Smart Green Invest was formed by seasoned technology professionals that are passionate about offering enterprise solutions with the ability to impact industry, sectors, and our community as a whole.

CTO , Managing Partner of the technology stream
PhD, Managing Partner & Director of Equity Research
Data Scientist
Yassine SFAIHI
Data Scientist
Godwin SWETO
Business Advisor
Moses odongo
Business Advisor

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SmartGreenInvest powers the financial future of individuals and organizations around the world. Combining the power of distinctive, trustworthy data, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge analytics

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